Cook Often Eat Well

Cook Often Eat Well Balloon – Anek

I usually make a menu for the week with a simple, regular and usual dinners and do food shopping from it, but this week/month I am trying a few new meals… and some of those meals are vegetarian, I am not the one to discriminated specially about food, so vegetarians meals are not exempts, anyway… I do love beans and never being oppose to try tofu in different ways… Also, vegetarian meals really have a lot more vegetables, and use a lot more flavors.

What I did during the holidays vacation…

No, we didn’t go to Bermuda during the holidays, and I only took a couple of days off. So… Not much really and not enough!… a couple of days does not qualify for a “winter vacation”, and a headache covered most of it. Shame on me.

What I did last month…

  • Christmas Party at work… missed it
  • Fish Tacos at Mijos Tacos Providence Truck during a downpour. Mission Accomplished!
  • Brunch at CAV. SO GOOD!
  • 4 days of Christmas Dinners…nice and relaxing family time
  • Ice Skating and fell
  • Sushi at Tokyo
  • Beach outing – 50ยบ in December?????? I am scare of the next few months
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