5 Resolutions | 2015

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This is a new year and a new beginning for a lot of us in Rhode Island. We have the first female governor in the State and that gives me nothing but hope.

Resolutions, I always treat them as personal goals and this image of “Stay Curious” sort of represents all those goals. Curiosity is the path for new ideas and how we can get out of our comfort zone and experiment; so if you want to move forward and follow those dreams and reach your goals. You Must Stay Curious!

Inspiration: I find myself stargazing and day dreaming a lot. I have inspiration for things I can’t control and therefore I can’t produce the type of work I wish I could, this year I will find my way to find the inspiration to do what I love doing.

Lifestyle: This culture has a fast paced lifestyle that I can’t seem to grasp, well this year I am not going to try to do something that goes against my instinct. I am pledging to slow down a bit and truly enjoy my day to day.

Travel: I love exploring new places and new cultures and this is the year for planning a trip or two. There is nothing more exciting than wander around a place for the first time. Traveling around these days is expensive so I have started a planning and researching the places I would like to visit.

Blog: The blog has been a slow process but I never wanted to make it a full time job either, it is still in the beginning process of finding its own style and in the meantime I will try to organize myself and post more regularly. Once it is fully organized it will be oh-so-amazing!

Me: A healthier life. I will be running more and making better choices for my mind and body. I already started this.

Everything Pumpkin

Fall.. It is the season for everything pumpkin, quick swap that fresh rosemary for pumpkin spice or forget the apple sauce, let’s use pumpkin puree aannnd you are done!

You can find anything pumpkin these days, from pumpkin lattes to pumpkin flat bread, how about pumpkin spice tacos?

These are some of the recipes I’ll try to make this season because let’s face it… you can’t get away from it nor you want to.

That image above is actually the best cheesecake I’ve had…you guessed, that’s Pumpkin Cheesecake With Pecan Crunch Topping, from the Post Punk Kitchen, you will think differently about cheesecake and it will never EVER be the same, yes it is a vegan cheesecake, don’t be afraid of tofu instead of creme cheese, this is a vegan, dairy free and gluten free dessert and it’s one of the best dessert you will ever have.

Weekend Notes: Simplicity

image : iliana’s notebook

This weekend is as usual a bit busy with a soccer game and the usual cleaning/laundry/food shopping/birthday party/brunch. Lots of domestic and fun stuff. No, I am not paying much attention at those items on my to-do list, the domestic ones, I am much more excited about this Sunday 5k which I signed up with my 13 year old daughter; let’s face it, teens are strange creatures so if she has the slightest interest in being a part of this, you damn right I am signing up for it.

Hope you enjoy the weekend!

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