2015 on a Budget

End of Winter. End of the blues.

Budget 2015I started a project last year and I put it into place in 2015.

A budget. I wrote down every expense I had! Soccer registrations, travel expenses, network events, even simple purchases. The objective of this project is to have a SAVINGS plan that I haven’t been able to have in sometime now…you know quite well what happens when you have no savings, right? the car breaks down, or you have the honor to be in a wedding party, or a really awesome pair of strappy shoes are on sale! but you end up charging it to your credit card because there were no savings.

There are a lot of sacrifices that I am taking this year in order to accomplish this. I cut all expenses, including my annual weekend trip to Block Island with friends, many annual events that usually attend to and dining out as well. Gone. Scratch it all.

I first created a basic excel file with columns for income/payments/expenses/savings for the whole year and included a column for the “real savings projections” so far it is working, ending month 3 and the projected savings are right on target. I am beyond excited. The first breakdown of savings ends in July, the best month of the year and my birthday month, yes that’s why is the best month.

The actual goal of this project, besides having a “base” for savings for real problems/emergencies and not charging my credit card is travel, there are places I want to go, wait! there are places I NEED TO GO and it is not happening and it won’t happen until I make the decision of “MAKING IT HAPPEN” and I made that decision. It was an easy decision after seeing all in paper, writing down everything last year was the best way for me to visualize the goal, saying no and making certain sacrifices is the way to reach it. Sacrifices have always paid up for me. It is how I am where I am today.

It feels good to say and write it too, it feel reassuring and it gives me the confidence I need to keep going, we all need a little more of that around.

Lilly For Target

The collection comes to the stores and online April 19 and I am predicting is going to sell out fast!
Lilly For Target
When I heard the news about it a couple of weeks ago I wondered how the pricing would be for these items, well a sundress for $40 seems very affordable. (Yay!)

I’ve scouted a few favorite finds. These pieces say “I am ready for beach weather”
Lilly For Target

Floating Flowers

2,300 flowers are hanging in Tokyo as a suspended sea of flowers… what an experience this must be!


Floating Flower Garden in Tokyo

Hoping Spring has arrived in Little Rhody. Winter was much much longer this year and I stayed in for the most part of it. I have a bunch of fun stuff planned for 2015 and I can’t wait to start sharing that, in the meantime I started training for a 5k and signed up for a couple already, I miss being outside!

Happy Friday!

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