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Winter Tablescape + Holiday Dinner

Our christmas dinner was last week and it was so much fun as usual… We pretty much moved rooms around in order to fit 16 people in one table, well two tables as one and it was great to do that, every year we struggle with lack of space and adding kids to the mix has increased our need to figure out a new way to accommodate everyone, we have a pretty large family room that will work great but this year we used the living room so we could fit the two tables together and that was enough this time, I know that next year will be about 18-20 people, so we’l have to figure out something different.
The menu was simple this year and everyone bring an app or dessert, we used to have so many apps before, but keeping it to a few makes more sense,

  • cheese/crackers
  • mozzarella skewers
  • pigs in the blanket (kids love this stuff… I hate it)
  • homemade calzones


(Why haven’t we made this more often for the ladies dinner? it was so easy!)



  • Sea salt caramel brownies + ice cream
  • Pumpkin cheesecake (vegan & the best cheesecake you could ever have!)


I arrange the table with a simple decor using the paper stars I made last year (I made almost 100… I will use these a lot!) and greens from a christmas swag I bought and pulled apart to use the different branches. As much as moving our dinning room/living room and putting a separate table together sounds like a lot, it really wasn’t and it was perfect to have everyone sitting in one table (10 adults + 3 teens + 2 kids + 1 toddler); moving the xmas tree to the family room worked out great too and that way everyone was able to be in the room for opening presents.

I made some flower arrangement for the dinner holiday and to have around with bunches of Dusty miller greenery and Baby Eucalyptus that I bought at Whole Foods, it looked so pretty and simple. I will be using this greenery thru the winter. I also made a little xmas tree for outside with some extra branches I had leftover from our tree and I used one of our tomato cages… so easy and pretty much at no cost, since we have the tomato cages from our summer garden and the branches Lowe’s give them away for free.


Donut Party Recap

DONUTS GALORE!… it was a donut party and we had a donut bar!

My daughter turned 12 and she just wanted donuts for her party, so I made donuts, bought donuts, hung donuts and inflated donuts.

I made almost 200 donut holes for the donut bar.


We hanged bought donuts for donuts on a string… this was the highlight of the party, the girlsl loved it!

Inflated donuts for pictures and games. Donut holes for favors & two donut cakes from Allie’s Donuts

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