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Everything Pumpkin

Fall.. It is the season for everything pumpkin, quick swap that fresh rosemary for pumpkin spice or forget the apple sauce, let’s use pumpkin puree aannnd you are done!

You can find anything pumpkin these days, from pumpkin lattes to pumpkin flat bread, how about pumpkin spice tacos?

These are some of the recipes I’ll try to make this season because let’s face it… you can’t get away from it nor you want to.

That image above is actually the best cheesecake I’ve had…you guessed, that’s Pumpkin Cheesecake With Pecan Crunch Topping, from the Post Punk Kitchen, you will think differently about cheesecake and it will never EVER be the same, yes it is a vegan cheesecake, don’t be afraid of tofu instead of creme cheese, this is a vegan, dairy free and gluten free dessert and it’s one of the best dessert you will ever have.

Westminster Street Stroll


Fun eatery stroll for spring… The hubs and I did this little stroll last Spring and we are looking forward to do it again

I created a little map to show the progress of our Spring Stroll last year and added a bunch of other places that we should certainly try next time.


We walk to several eateries in the downtown area just to have a bite and enjoy their fun and atmosphere, we are totally spoiled in Providence, there are so many awesome places to eat and sometimes it’s hard to pick one, so we went to 5 of them in one afternoon.


We started at The Eddy’s and enjoyed a couple of absolutely perfect cocktails + their lobster roll, which was really good and the price was unbeatable! We hopped to Bodega Malasaña for more appetizers and to try something new, they have a fabulous selection of wines and a very knowledgeable and friendly bartender, we loved the place; we continued to Flan y Ajo, I have been wanting to go for dinner for the longest time… this was pure love, I love tapas and spanish food is probably one of my favorites, so I am biased to this place, we had Mejillones and Gambas al Ajillo, so flavorful!! the cons about this place it’s very small so it gets crowded really fast, but it is a must!


We were stuffed by the time we left Flan y Ajo, we had planned to stop at Gracie’s for dessert but it was too late, so we went to AS220 to end the night with the best Margaritas, I guess a different kind of dessert.

We are looking forward to doing this again and trying new places.

Alforno’s Favorites


One of our beloved restaurants in Providence, we visit them as often as possible and we have the tendency to call in advance just to know if there is a special dessert on their menu that we happen to love, for those not aware the desserts are made-to-order and therefore you have to decide whether or not you want it before you order your entree and if you visit this restaurant and do not order dessert, you will making the biggest mistake ever!


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