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Summer Wishes

Summer Wishes

Summer is here in case you haven’t noticed and I am excited… beyond excited! Rhode Island has more than 400 miles of coastline and if you are like me and love the ocean then this is the place to be.


Let’s start with our annual girls trip to Block Island is next week and that my bag is ready. I almost missed the trip this year and in reality it would have been devastating, so I am beyond happy that I am going to be there with all the girls, it will be our 11th year “celebrating us” and celebrating our friendship, we have so many good memorable moments and quotes from these trips, we should make a photo book.

Block Island sunset – 2014. Follow me on instagram and I am sure to post a few like this one this year:


This summer started with a lot of fun events in Providence like the Providence International Art Festival which was an amazing day that showed how awesome is to live here. So my summer wishes for 2015 are: beach, sun, good food and spend the most amount of time among family and friends enjoying the summer.

I hope you enjoy little Rhody in the summer…

Easy Biking This Summer

The days of spring have arrived and I think I am ready! This is the simplicity that I am looking forward to have during the weekends.

I have my electra Gigi bike and I just bought this one too, the electra Townie for my kiddo, I think I will like to name her “Vera”. Going for bike rides will be in my weekend to-do list for the rest of this summer, starting this May as it is National Bike Month.

bike | tee | shorts | shoes | tote

We are very lucky in Little Rhody, we have several bike paths and the closer one to me is the Blackstone Valley Bikeway, Spring and Fall are my favorites seasons to bike and it is always such a nice scenery too

Spring is for Nature


A green tablescape. Fauna swimwear. Seafoam dress. Mojitos. These images scream Spring.

So much nature in their patterns and the styling of both these photo shoots were absolutely gorgeous. After seeing these images, Who doesn’t want to go shopping for a floral dress and sit on a patio with a mojito? It hits all the right places of my human nature.

I actually feel healthier by looking at these images.

tablescape | swimwear | dress | mojito

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