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Owls + Birds Baby Shower

Earlier this year we celebrated a baby shower for a dear friend, she had a beautiful baby girl last month and we are all in love with her already, I can’t wait to see her grow.

I was super excited to do anything for her baby shower, it’s one of those things that you just can’t help to love doing for someone that is so special, we have a very hands-on group of friends too and everyone is very resourceful and crafty, so pretty much everyone help to get it all done.


She decided on owls and birds as illustrations so I drew them and designed the invites with the colors she chose, yellow and lavender.

After that, I made all the rest of the paper goodies, advice to the mom to be and thank you cards, a mad lib game and table cards; I also made runners for the tables using yellow burlap which was super easy to cut, and tied it together with a white paper puffs at the end of each side.


One of friends made the owl cake pops which came out perfect and the sister of the mama-to-be did all the flower arrangements using mason jars and painted the cute wood owls and birds she found at Michaels, everything was really lovely.

Spring is for Nature


A green tablescape. Fauna swimwear. Seafoam dress. Mojitos. These images scream Spring.

So much nature in their patterns and the styling of both these photo shoots were absolutely gorgeous. After seeing these images, Who doesn’t want to go shopping for a floral dress and sit on a patio with a mojito? It hits all the right places of my human nature.

I actually feel healthier by looking at these images.

tablescape | swimwear | dress | mojito

Happy Birthday House | part 3

Pink toilet, pink sink and pink grout…. yes, you read it right, pink grout.


I see the trend in kitchens of having blank grout and I think it looks great, but it 20-30 years someone is not going to be too happy using a little knife to remove that black grout.

Our bathroom has glass tiles, really large glass tiles, and I get the idea of preserving something unique to the house, so when it came to redo this bathroom I wanted to keep it… this is not entirely true, okay, my original thought was to gut the whole thing out! This very small bathroom has very interesting “nooks” too, from the “very” small section to storage your tooth brush and toilet paper compartment which we kept and it had two very small and weird cabinets, I don’t think a regular bottle of hand soap could have fit there.

We had someone doing some of this work since we had to gut the wall and cabinets, took the pink toilet out and really had issues figuring out the sink. There was wallpaper on the walls and on the ceiling too.

The result, moving the door to a different side, new toilet, new walls, new sink, we originally wanted to have a smaller sink, but the floor tile in the bathroom was done around the sink, so we decided to keep a cabinet sink, then the fun part started…removing the pink grout and we did that ourselves… it was tedious and it took forever. We painted the walls and added a light fixture that I really don’t like anymore. The weird window that faced the family room was removed about two years ago when we decided to demo the wall on the family room, we assumed the family room was a later addition otherwise why would you have a window that opens to a family room?


We kept the glass tiles and the interesting compartments… they add charm. After 6 years we are still getting the final details done, a light fixture (surprise?) and a few things that need to be replaced since it has been 6 years… a little industrial look, but I like the simplicity of it.

light | soap dispenser | tissue house | hand towels

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