Cheers to the Weekend

This weekend was great. It was gorgeous outside… which was perfect for my first 5K this year, although it made me realize that I needed new shoes.


ASICS is my favorite brand as far for running shoes, I am not a runner and consider myself a beginner year round, so this ones are perfect for me.

I embraced my inner tourist and decided to take a walk through downtown Providence and stopped by the The Arcade Providence, such a beautiful building. I grabbed coffee to go and walk around a bit more that area. Found a restaurant I will like to try sometime soon. Rogue Island, which is inside the Arcade. Also, I noticed that there is a Curl and Blowout Bar that is opened on Sundays (Yay!) that’s going to be a life saver pretty soon!



Next, a quick visit to the Providence Athenaeum, and I have to admit that I have never been in there before, which is giving me a few ideas for a future post “What would a tourist do?” Let’s start with the obvious and forget everything I think I know about my town. Not going to the regular places I usually go to and check out new ones, that’s the way you find those hidden gems.

I’ll be exploring Rhode Island a lot this year!

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