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Why am I writing about Block Island in February? There is a Blizzard on the way! Nemo is on the way, yes that’s the name of this “phenomenon”; while every other Rhode Islander is buying bread and milk, as we usually do when there is a storm coming… I am booking my trips to Block Island, because if you don’t book your trip now, you won’t find any place to stay during the spring or summer… I went through this once. ONCE!

We go to Block Island 2-3 times per year, spring and summer so far. One of our trips is to celebrate our wedding anniversary and the other is a girlfriends weekend getaway that we have been doing since 2005.

This is one of the best places for a quick getaway, at least in our case since we live 2 hours away (car & ferry ride) and we simply love Block Island.

This is what you will be expecting in Block Island…

Block Island in May. A getaway during the low-season and this sunset from the ferry welcomes you.

Block Island is beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!! Lay back and simple…. you could tour the island in ½ day leisurely on a moped, or just enjoy the beach and good food in the town.

Our accommodations have varied throughout the years depending on our needs. We stayed at the National and The Harborside, we stayed at the WaterStreet Inn, and rented apartments at the WaterStreet Suites, as well as the apartment at the fitness center. They are all great locations in town. We keep looking to rent a house which is a little farther from Town, but we haven’t done that yet. Maybe next year!

We stayed at the Blue Dory Inn last year, it was so nice and comfortable, its sister Bed & Breakfast the Avonlea has amazing views, very friendly staff, absolutely delicious breakfast and the afternoon hors d’ oeuvres were yummy too… oh and the cookies!!!


We rented a moped and drove to The Bluffs, The North Light; you could also rent bikes, a car or bring them on the ferry

We ate at differents places, Eli’s Tuna Nachos and the Grilled Tarte Flambé was delicious

One of the best Lobster Roll is at Old Harbor Takeout, and you can’t leave without getting candy or fudge at the Block’s Fudge!

Block Island in July. A getaway during the high-season… I usually go with my girlfriends for a weekend and it happens to be on my birthday. Yay!

The National Hotel’s outdoor area is such a great spot for an early or late afternoon hang out, the fire pit and adirondack chairs make you feel like you are in your own backyard.

What to do??!

We try something different almost every year, horseback riding by the beach, rent a bike or a moped, we rented paddle boards last year, that was a lot of fun!

We have gone to the Mohegan Bluffs, there is a staircase to walk up and down on to the beach and visit the Southeast Lighthouse or the North Lighthouse for spectacular views too.

For more info about Block Island Trails

We have probably tried 80 percent of the restaurants in the Island, and we do have our favorites that we keep coming back to but there is definitely plenty places for to choose from.

Lobster roll at the Old Harbor Takeout, Bean Burger at Poor People’s Pub, Delicious Dinner: Salad & Seared Scallops at the Spring House Restaurant, Clam Chowder at the Mohegan Cafe & Brewery and a Gelato from one of the Ice Cream shops… there are a few!

I can’t wait for Summer and Block Island 2013!

For more info visit the Block Island Tourism Council

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