Paper Star

I felt very crafty during the holidays and found a few tutorials of very simple projects, one of them was this paper star, and I made a few of them… I made a lot of them!! Once I started this project I just couldn’t stop, they looked great together and so the more I wanted to make.

1- Draw the star using illustrator or any software alike, if you don’t have illustrator you can follow this tutorial from,
2- Cut out the star
3- Now you´re going to fold the star. Fold it three times at the waist
4- Turn the star upside down and fold it three times at the widest

I used them everywhere… on my mantel, a few on the tree, on the holiday table setting and around the tables… as usual I get obsessed with paper craft, and this project was very fun for me, I set up all the materials in the family room right after dinner and with a hefty glass of wine and dessert on the side.
It’s a fun, simple and easy project.

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